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basement waterproofing

Do you have basement water problems?

Keeping the lowest level of your home protected with basement waterproofing is important, regardless of what you use this space for. That’s why here at Missouri Foundation Repair & Waterproofing we provide only the best waterproofing services available in this area. Without the proper basement waterproofing setup, water is able to get into a basement in a variety of ways, including: over the top of the foundation (poor yard grading or drainage), through leaking windows with clogged well drains, through leaky wall or floor cracks, through the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor), or the water could even be a result of a plumbing problem within the home, such as with a leaking or broken pipe. When water lays stagnant below a home, it can cause a variety of problems from minor to severe. Determining the cause of the moisture and how it’s able to get into a home is step one in the waterproofing process. Once this is determined, the proper repair technique can be figured out. We offer both interior and exterior waterproofing services.

Basement Waterproofing Systems & Services

Interior Waterproofing

Waterproofing from inside the basement environment may involve the installation of perimeter drains, sump pumps, and repairs for leaking plumbing lines. Drains in the basement are able to collect water that gets inside through windows, the cove joint, or through foundation cracks. Once water is inside of these drainage systems, it is sent into a sump pump. When water inside of the sump pit reaches a certain level, it is sent out and away from the home. When the inside of the basement is dry, safe, and healthy, homeowners don’t need to worry about issues water can cause to the foundation or to anything that may be stored here.

Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing outside of the basement will involve taking care of exterior foundation cracks. Often times, water is able to get into a home through cracks on a foundation deep below the ground. To take care of this problem, we can dig around the damaged wall and apply an exterior waterproofing membrane which will stop water from penetrating through the crack and getting into your home. Exterior waterproofing also involves taking care of poor yard grading or drainage issues which may involve water pooling up in certain spots on your lawn.

Sump Pump

A sump basin and sump pump are an integral part of any waterproofing system. As mentioned above, it collects water from drainage systems and pushes this moisture out and away from the home to a safe distance away where it won’t be able to seep back into the soil and into the home again. We can also install battery backup systems which will be activated in case the primary pump fails, or if the sump happens to lose electricity during a storm.

The Complications of Basement Waterproofing

If a homeowner refuses to take care of this water problem in their home, it can result in a lot of problems. Moisture here can cause wooden materials to rot, such as support beams and floor joists. This can jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home. What’s more is that the moisture can lead to the development of mold, which is typically dark green or black in color. When mold grows, it releases spores into the air. This can cause a variety of health problems for you and your family.

Wet Basement Solutions You Can Trust

Depend on Missouri Foundation Repair & Waterproofing to get your basement leaks taken care of once and for all. We have the experience, tools, and systems to take care of any kind of water problem below a home, regardless of how minor or severe it may seem. Call us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation with our team.